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What's it Like to Work in a Call Center?

Manatee Careers April 22, 2019

There are many advantages of a call center job. For starters, no previous experience is usually required. You can get hired with a minimum of fuss and find yourself with gainful employment in a matter of days. But working in a call center is different than most jobs. It helps to be prepared so you know what to expect.

You’ll Wear a Headset All Day

The headset will have both earphones and microphone. The headset allows you to listen without interference from the noise in the room where you’re working.

You’ll Be Working With Lots of People

Your working environment will be crowded with other employees making or receiving calls just like you. The people next to you will be sitting in close proximity and there may be only a short partition—or no partition—between you and the next person.

There’s No Privacy

You’ll have zero privacy in your working environment. Everything you do and say can be seen and heard by those around you. This includes blowing your nose, eating a mint or rummaging around in your purse.

You’ll Be Sitting Down Your Whole Shift

Except for break times, you’ll be expected to be seated in your chair the entire time. There’s no reason for you to get up and make copies like in a standard office. You can get up to use the bathroom obviously, but if you aren’t sitting, you aren’t working.

You Have to Meet Quotas

While getting hired at a call center is easy, it’s hard to stay employed. You’ll have daily or weekly quotas that you have to meet. If you consistently miss those quotas, you won’t be welcome to stay.

There are more pluses than minuses working at a call center. If you enjoy being on the phone and talking to people, this might be a fun job for you.