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How To Handle Poor Performance Reviews

Manatee Careers April 21, 2021

No one wants to see a poor performance review, but they do happen. In order to stay on top of productivity and to make sure that employees are thriving in the positions they are in, employers must execute a performance review. Even a poor performance review, however, can become a good thing when you use it to your advantage. Keep reading to learn more.

Be Realistic

The first thing you should do after receiving a poor performance review is to take a very realistic look at the information you have been given. Sometimes we default to defending ourselves. Take a moment to look at the information objectively. Is the information in the review correct? Do you struggle with the items that are outlined there? If the performance review is accurate, then it can really be a powerful tool in helping you to become a better employee. However, if you find that some information is legitimately inaccurate, then you may want to ask yourself is there something else at play here. The crucial thing is to be very honest with yourself, though.

Use The Information

The worst thing you can do with a poor performance review is to pout and sulk over it. The information in the review is a powerful tool you can use to become more productive, efficient, and marketable. If you are struggling with certain skills, that could go on to haunt you through many jobs. Take this opportunity to improve yourself. If you struggle with a certain skill set, take a class online or in-person to beef that up. If you see that you have some personality issues that are creating problems at work, make the effort to work on these things through education, self-awareness, or therapy.

A poor performance review doesn't need to be the end of your career. Use the information to become the best employee you can.