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Have You Considered Virtual Assistance?

Manatee Careers December 19, 2019

While searching for a job, few people consider the many online options which are available today. Virtual assisting is quickly becoming a legitimate online work option for people of just about any skill level. Keep reading to find out more about this great job opportunity. 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual who provides administrative or creative assistance to a business from a remote location. With the availability of high-speed internet, document sharing, and cloud access, today it is easier than ever to provide these needed services to business people without leaving home. In most cases, a virtual assistant will take on certain monotonous online activities which business owners do not wish to invest time in. This can include answering emails, confirming or making appointments, social media management, and in some cases content creation for an online presence. 

Who Hires Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants can be used for any type of business, but they are especially popular with entrepreneurs and individuals who conduct all or most of their business online. These individuals often need help but do not want to bring on staff in order to do so. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who works on a freelance basis. 

What Skills Are Needed?

You can be a VA with pretty much any skill set. There are some basic skills which will assist you with landing job, though. Good typing skills will be a plus. An understanding of certain cloud suites such as Google Drive is also helpful. Social media skills and knowledge will also come in handy. These are skills that you can learn on your own at your own pace. 

Where Can You Find VA Positions?

Remote job boards are the best place to find these types of opportunities. Remote job boards cater specifically to remote positions. However, more traditional job sites are now also featuring virtual assisting as a job category. 

If you are looking for a change of pace or would like a work at home option, Virtual Assistance could be the choice for you.