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5 Great Jobs For College Students

Manatee Careers September 6, 2022

Getting a part-time job while you’re in college is a smart way to supplement your discretionary spending money or even help pay for textbooks. The following jobs work well for college students.

Moving Company

If there’s one job that’s always in demand in a college town, it’s movers. College students moving in between dorms, into and out of apartments, and even city residents, need moving help all the time. This is a great job for a strong college student because jobs are usually on the weekends or evenings, pay well, and can be accepted or not, depending on whether you have the free time to do the job.


Working in a restaurant while in college is a pretty sweet gig. Restaurant work is shift work, which means you can tell your manager when you are and aren’t available. The tips can be awesome, and you’ll be able to meet plenty of other students whom you wouldn’t necessarily get to meet otherwise.

Line Cook

If you know your way around a grill and spatula, you might secure a gig as a line cook in a local diner while in college. This is another great job for college students due to flexible scheduling and relatively low-stress work environment.

Pizza Delivery Person

If you own a car or electric bike while in college, you could get a job as a pizza or food delivery person. This job is ideal because deliveries would be at nights and on weekends, leaving you free for classes during the day. The tips can be pretty good, too!

Home Care Aid

If you enjoy taking care of the elderly, consider working on the weekends in the home health care field. Many of these companies hire college students, and you don’t need a medical background. Your duties would just be friendly companionship, maybe running errands, light meal prep and some light household cleaning, like washing the dishes or dusting.

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