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What to Do at Work if Your Pregnancy Ends in a Miscarriage

Manatee Careers July 16, 2021

South Africa's administrators care very much about your health and wellness during pregnancy. Therefore, you can use the legislation in the Employment Act 75 of 1977 that will help you recover if you lose your child due to miscarriage or stillbirth in the third trimester. The government recognizes the need for parents to grieve and heal themselves during this time. The following are some steps you should take if you lose your child in a miscarriage or stillbirth situation:

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Make a Strong Comeback After a Termination

Manatee Careers June 21, 2021

Losing a job can be one of the most devastating experiences of a lifetime. It can hit harder if you've been there for many years, or you had your sights set on retiring there. However, you can get through a job termination just as you can get through any other disappointment in life. The following is some information about how you can handle a job termination.

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Tips for Working Your First Post-Pandemic Job

Manatee Careers May 18, 2021

Many people are now going back to work after being confined to their homes because of the pandemic. It may be challenging to return if you're one of those people. These are some tips that will help you adjust to the changes more easily:

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How To Handle Poor Performance Reviews

Manatee Careers April 21, 2021

No one wants to see a poor performance review, but they do happen. In order to stay on top of productivity and to make sure that employees are thriving in the positions they are in, employers must execute a performance review. Even a poor performance review, however, can become a good thing when you use it to your advantage. Keep reading to learn more.

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Sanitation Technician - Is It Right For You?

Manatee Careers March 22, 2021

In the last year, essential occupations have become quite the catchphrase. Many people are starting to realize the great importance of these jobs and have come to appreciate the fact that during a community, national or global emergency, these are the types of jobs that will stick. Sanitation work is solidly placed as an essential occupation. Keep reading to find out more about this important type of employment.

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